Sunday, January 31, 2010

Setting the Record Straight

Recently, Central Saanich Councillor Ron Kubek has been on the airwaves trying to convince citizens that the Capital Regional District is interfering in the internal affairs of Central Saanich. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ron Kubek himself moved the motion (892.09, December 14, 2009), that brought the Vantreight farms issue to the CRD, and the elected councillors of Central Saanich voted on and passed that motion unanimously.

Central Saanich's elected representatives and citizens were part of the seven-year process that created the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), including the process through which that Regional Growth Strategy would be changed and monitored. To say now that bringing something before the CRD is undemocratic is just false. We signed on to it on behalf of our citizens and we now must abide by the rules we agreed on. Muddying the waters and trying to bully the CRD doesn't help the debate.

Time to Step Aside

Central Saanich Councillor Ron Kubek needs to recuse himself on the Vantreight development issue.

He publicly declares his bias in favour of the Vantreight development every chance he gets, as at the Capital Regional District meeting last week when he stated that four councillors publicly supported this project and were elected on that basis.

Speaking on CFAX and at the council table he has clearly declared a bias in favour of a project that hasn't even come to public hearing.

In fact, while it may be acceptable to take donations from anyone, councillors are expected to recuse themselves when a proposal comes forward from someone they can be perceived to be beholden to, or with whom they have a business relationship. A realtor promoting a development proposal will have a hard time banishing the suspicion that he is doing this for his own personal business interest as at some point he is likely going to be selling or re-selling those very houses.

And while it is also acceptable to state your position during an election campaign, once elected you are expected to listen to all the information provided, to treat all persons respectfully be they citizens or councillors and whether they oppose your position or support it. Bullying at the council table and at the CRD is not acceptable.

Ron Kubek has clearly demonstrated that his mind is made up on the vantreight development issue and it is time for him to step aside.