Wednesday, April 9, 2008

DRAFT OCP is Online - May 7th Open House

The draft of the new Official Community Plan is online at and click on OCP Update under District Projects down the right hand side. This document is quite long and you will not be able to get the gist of it at the Open House if you haven't taken time to read it before hand.

If you have changes you think should be made send a very specific motion to "Mayor and Council" at

For example here is one I sent:

Re: Policy 4 page 24 of the draft OCP

Moved that the following line be added at the end of Policy 4: Affordable housing shall include low income subsidised housing administered by the District of Central Saanich or by BC Housing, Capital Region Housing or any of the other non-profit housing societies in the region.

The sooner you send in your ideas the better. Remember community is a verb!

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