Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Violation of the Public Trust

Citizens expect a certain standard of behaviour from those who call themselves public servants at every level of government.

We expect to be treated respectfully and for our concerns to be taken seriously. We expect our requests to be handled efficiently and fairly. Fairly. That’s the most important word. We all want to believe that those who serve us are doing so in an unbiased fashion, but that isn’t always the case.

Recently a freedom of information request netted a document that must be of concern to every citizen in Central Saanich for it appears to show quite clearly that the culture of our municipal hall is not one of open, honest service to the taxpayers. In fact it would suggest that certain agendas are being fast-tracked for some citizens over the concerns of others.

As you will see when you open the link below, the proponent of the Senanus waterline is being told by the financial officer for Central Saanich that they will be expediting his project, even going so far as to say “we will have the bylaws ‘in our back pocket’ regardless of the solicitor’s advice.”

That she has discussed this with Gary Nason, our Chief Administrative Officer and her boss, certainly suggests that this procedure has met with his approval.

The letter continues with an appalling lack of respect for citizens who have shown every willingness to find a rational solution to the problem including through mediation for which the provincial government has twice promised to foot the bill.

Sometimes you just have to read it to believe it! Don't forget to read from the bottom up.

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