Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vantreight Public Hearing Delivers a Clear Message

At last night's public hearing into the Vantreight Development Proposal, Central Saanich Council heard loud and clear that citizens expect them to stick to their election pledges and uphold the Official Community Plan. There was no mistaking the desire to support and save our local farms and that many creative hands will help get the job done, but developing our rural land to do it is not an option.

Speaker after speaker repeated the theme that all the Councillors had pledged to uphold the Official Community Plan when directly asked at two all candidates' meetings during the last municipal election. There is no wiggle room here. Our plan was reviewed just recently by the citizens in workshops, town halls and through surveys. It has defined urban containment areas and states unequivocally that our rural land may not be considered as merely a holding tank pending future development.
The erosion of citizens' decisions by councillors who promised to uphold those decisions is not acceptable.

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