Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Environmental Credentials

  • Helped write the terms of reference for BC Housing's Livegreen Council which promotes environmental conservation and action at work, at home and in the community
  • Hosted organic gardening workshops for members and friends through the BCGEU Cool Communities Campaign, I invited local organic farmers like Robin Tunnicliffe and Geoff Johnson, composting experts from the CRD, tree pruning and heritage tree expert Cathy Rasmussen and more to share their knowledge, many of those who took the classes have now converted their lawns to gardens, are gardening in the schoolyards etc
  • Through the BCGEU Cross Component Committee provided the first year's insurance to the HOPE Recycle Depot in Central Saanich
  • Fought to save the trees in Brentwood Bay from destruction during the Brentwood Revitalisation
  • Helped blow the whistle on Randy Sewell's mass destruction of trees in Central Saanich (he was fined $125,000)
  • Provided several species of native plants free for the past few years to those attending the Labour Day picnic (Ocean Spray, wild currant, douglas fir seedlings and others)
  • Worked to save the Vantreight hillside from development because rural land is important to farmland for mason bees and other species (Dogwood Initiative joined this action)
  • Worked to protect farmland in Central Saanich in every way I can
This is just a sample of what I have done for our environment. In addition to this I am always postings information about farming and the environment on the internet, sharing everything I can find. It's important to walk the walk and that is what I do.

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