Wednesday, December 31, 2008

132 days until Election Day in this province and boy do we need a serious change of government.
We need:
  • housing for the homeless
  • more money for public education
  • housing for single parents
  • more money for public health care
  • housing for families
  • a ban on P3s (public private partnerships aka boondoggles)
  • housing for seniors with no health problems
  • a $12 minimum wage & a guaranteed income for all
  • training programs
  • green programs that really are green
  • help for families of drug abusers to cope with the stress
  • a stronger social safety net
  • a universal dental care plan
  • more drug coverage under our health plan
  • a limit on the size of homes that can be built

We need so much more than this, a top to bottom overhaul and a commitment to fight greed and respond to need.

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