Friday, December 12, 2008

Mayor Mar Introduces Further ANTI-DEMOCRATIC Procedures Bylaw Amendments

In A Democracy We Have An Absolute RIGHT TO KNOW Who Is Putting Forward What Motions And Who Voted Yea or Nay To Each One.

1. The names of movers and seconders of motions will not be posted in the minutes (not on the record).

2. Councillors can no longer ask to have their vote recorded.

3. All correspondence and presentations go to the end of the agenda and won't be moved forward.

4. During committee meetings you could move a motion and no seconder was required. This allowed for a new concept to be debated on its merits rather than being simply shut down. This is no longer the case. All motions in committee will now require a seconder.

There will be an attempt to suggest that it is poor form for new councillors to vote in favour of this before they have seen the old system at work: voting on things they don't know in other words.

This will not likely get far as Kubek will simply say he's been to many council meetings in the gallery and will vote with Mason, Mar and Garrison. 4 votes, game over. Surprise me!

As we all know Mayor Mar couldn't have thought this up on his own...a fine old hand appears to be behind this.

This bylaw amendment must go through 3 readings and a public prepared for a call out to attend the meetings.

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