Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moodyville Facing Parking Crunch

Both safety and peace of mind are at risk as the Brentwood Inn seeks to expand it's footprint in Moodyville. The development planned for the current gravel parking lot calls for a reduction in the number of parking spaces usually required for such a development. The result will be additional spillover into the community.

Neighbours already have considerable trouble with cars from the patrons of the Inn parking in household parking spots and blocking road access when the parking lot is full. While the claim is made that these vehicles are from kayakers and ferry-travellers local resident John Creviston has noted that they are there in the evenings when the ferry is finished running for the day and kayakers are no longer out on the waters.

The new proposal is not acceptable if it means reducing parking spots that are already at a premium. Homes and families must be the first consideration of council in any development proposal. More cars trying to park on local streets mean more headaches for homeowners, more noise, more fumes, and more cars in the way everyday. It also means more difficult access for emergency vehilcles and more danger for neighbourhood children. Homeowners pay taxes to guarantee safety and peace of mind at home, let's make sure their voices are heeded.

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